There are many reasons why commercial businesses recycle. Apart from being the best way to reduce waste collection costs, there are many environmental benefits that comes with recycling. This can be a bonus for you and your reputation within the business and consumer community, as many Americans are concerned about the effect of local businesses on air quality and natural resources. The good news is- a good commercial recycling program can easily be set up and maintained, especially if you work with an experienced service provider right here in Houston, TX.

What Should You Expect from a Commercial Recycling Program?

When you settle down to plan out your company’s commercial recycling program, you need first to identify your primary aims. Most companies want to achieve these two things: the ability to reduce waste collection costs and the opportunity to reduce their impact on the local environment by reducing the amount of waste contributed to the local landfill.

Number1 – How a Commercial Recycling Program Can Reduce Waste Collection Costs

Your commercial business can reduce waste collection costs in two ways. The first way is by working with a trusted scrap metal recycling facility to make sure you aren’t unnecessarily creating excess waste through your common business practices. And the second is by using recycled products as a part of your business. Another reliable way commercial recycling can reduce waste collection costs is by eliminating recycled items, such as metals, plastics, and paper, from your regular trash bins.

Number2 – How a Commercial Recycling Program Can Benefit the Environment

There are a number of different ways that a commercial recycling program benefits the environment. It can make an impact locally on the air quality and reduced use of local landfills, but it also makes a statewide, national, and global impact as well. Recycling helps reduce the overall need for the raw materials that need to be mined or refined to create consumer products. This can reduce the amount of pollutants in the air, particularly in heavy manufacturing areas, and the amount of energy required to manufacture products.

Number3 – Helpful Insight into Practices within Your Business Relating to Material Waste

A quality commercial recycling program in Houston starts with a professional evaluation of your business. Your local scrap metal recycling facility will mandate a consultant to inspect your site to determine how much waste material your company generates and the type of materials most commonly generated. Once the number of tons of these waste materials is determined, the consultant can help you see where excess waste is occurring within your company and help you figure out the type of materials that can be recycled, reduced, or reused.

How a Commercial Recycling Program Works

Once the evaluation has been completed and the material waste or recycling issues have been noted within your business structure, the recycling facility’s consultant can work with you to set up a commercial recycling program that will be easy to implement and beneficial for everyone.

  • Bins and Containers – The scrap metal recycling facility will identify areas within your place of business that will most benefit from setting up areas for waste collection. The containers they install will be clearly labeled to ensure that the right materials are placed in the bins. F
  • Waste Removal – The professional waste recycling center that you partner with will then set up with you a scheduled time for removing the recycled waste from your facility.
  • Cost and Savings Projections – At first, the consultant will give you an estimated value of how much you can save when implementing a commercial recycling program. Once the program gets going and actual waste begins to be collected, they will reevaluate the situation and show you how much you were able to reduce waste collection costs, as well as find other ways to enhance your recycling program to increase financial and environmental benefits.

Where to Call for a Commercial Recycling Program in Houston.

If your business is located within Houston and its surrounding areas, they have the unique ability to be able to service both commercial and industrial businesses of any size.

Apart from setting up a commercial recycling program for your business, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal also partner with government agencies, municipalities, construction companies, fabricators, and marine service companies. Whether you are a small independent contractor or a huge manufacturing company, Gulf Coast Scrap Metal will provide quality, comprehensive services to help you increase your bottom line and decrease your company’s waste.

Our representative will visit your site and provide a thorough evaluation of your facility, suggesting recycling opportunities and methods that can be employed to reduce waste collection costs.

Contact Gulf Coast Scrap Metal to set up an appointment to get started on your commercial recycling program today!