These business models are for companies that want to venture into waste management on a large scale. Still, there are uncountable number of opportunities for small businesses and individuals.

Computer Repair/Refurbishment

For those who are knowledgeable in computer repairs, this can bring a good source of income for them, and it is still a species of recycling. It’s all about searching for discarded computers and replacing defective parts to make them functional again. Then all you have to do is sell them those interested in getting a “new” computer at a great price.

Selling Salvaged Computer Parts

Again, because so many people are looking to save money on computer repair or even to build their own custom computer, there is a huge market for computer parts.

So another electronics recycling opportunity lies in disassembling discarded computers and selling the various usable parts. With so many tech-savvy consumers searching sites like eBay and amazon, you shouldn’t have any trouble selling the computer parts.

Selling Computer Parts and Other Devices to Recycling Centers/Scrap Yards

To make things easier and fasten the sale process, you can sell those scrap computer parts directly to recycling centers and scrap yards. Most of them are willing to pay for certain parts. In addition, you can sell other digital devices at these places for instant cash. Generally, you can sell the following:

  • Mouses and keyboards
  • Hard drives
  • Disk drives
  • Low-, medium, and high-grade boards
  • CPU towers
  • Laptops
  • Power-supply items
  • Printers
  • Cell phones

If you doubt these places’ location, simply Google search using the keywords “electronic scrap yards near me” to contact plenty of them.

Prices for recyclable electronics vary from area to area and from center to center and, of course, according to the item’s quality and usability. You can often get a few dollars for a motherboard and up to $40 for more valuable items like a CPU.

When to Start Electronics Recycling

The best time to get into recycling e-waste is . . . now. Electronics recycling is currently a growing industry, but eventually, the market will get saturated in the future. Even if you don’t want to get into this business and just need to get some e-waste off your hands, we encourage you to use a hauling service that does recycle and repurpose.

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