About Us


About Us

Houston Scrap Metal Solutions

Houston Scrap Metal solutions is a pioneer in salvaged material recycling in Houston, Texas, and has operated for many years. We are family-owned and operated and we care actually for all of our business, modern and individual clients. As a premier Houston recycling place, we are glad to say that huge numbers of our clients have been with us for quite a long time. 

Our office is sorted out with the goal that our clients can get in and out without any problem. We make a solid effort to keep up tidiness and organization. It is a fantastic commendation when we hear our clients say that we have the cleanest scrapyard of any piece seller they have ever visited. 

Gardner representatives comprehend that our clients are the explanation behind our existence and achievement. Our representatives empty and sort materials for clients. We have the necessary equipment to unload and convey your metals to the scale, so you don’t need to.

We take a lot of pride in the work that we do on the grounds that it is useful for the environment and the economy. Any individual who reuses metals through us reduces ozone-depleting substance outflows and decreases the need to mine crude metals from the earth. Additionally, our reused metals bring down organizations’ assembling costs, making it workable for those organizations to develop and expand.

Visit our main office today. We guarantee you will be intrigued by our service and the cost, and you will leave happy with more cash in your pocket.